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Commissioned by Janne Valkeajoki
Opus Number 46
Category solo
Year 2016
Duration 16
Instrument accordion
Availability Music Finland


Program note

Shapes Op.46 for solo accordion is a suite in six movements inspired by geometrical shapes. The first movement is a palindrome that goes from the middle register to the extreme registers (both high and low) and back again, therefor the name “The Rhomb”. The first movement consists of twelve-tone rows. The second movement is a slow ascending line beginning from the low register. The third movement is swelling circular movement in both hands. The fourth movement is just as the name says, a “Pentagon Chaconne”, a Chaconne consisting of five chords that are repeated, and every chord consists of five notes, on top of which we have two independent melodies. The fifth movement “Dots” is a fast movement with dots flowing over and rushing everywhere. The last movement “The Icosahedron” is a three-dimensional shape, a polyhedron with twenty faces, or twenty equilateral triangles for being more specific. These twenty faces can be heard throughout the movement, as can the majestic slow turning of the Icosahedron.

The piece is commissioned by and dedicated to Janne Valkeajoki for his solo concert tour in the North of Spain in December 2016. The piece was premiered on the 7th of December 2016 at Tabakalera in San Sebastián by Janne Valkeajoki.


Shapes –  Listen on Youtube



World premiere 7th December 2016 at 7:30 PM, at Tabakalera, San Sebastian

Thursday the 8th of December 2016 at 7 PM,  at Teatro Mucipal of Alcañiz
Friday the 9th of December 2016 at 8 PM, at Casa de Cultura in Arrasate
Saturday the 10th of December 2016 at 7:30 PM, at Casa de Cultura in Aretxabaleta
Monday the 12th of December 2016 at 7 PM, at the Auditorio of Vandellós
Tuesday the 13th of December 2016 at 8 PM, at Auditorio “Pepita Sellés” in Barcelona
Finnish premiere 31st of March 2017 at 7PM, Helsinki Music Centre – More info
Tampering Festival 25th of August 2017 at 9PM, Tampere – More info
German premiere 7th of February 2018, Würzburg – More info
Swedish premiere 3rd of March 2018, Malmö – More info
Janne Valkeajoki’s Profile Concert 23rd of August 2018, Helsinki Music Centre – More info
Sommermusik im Pfarrgarten 25th of May 2019, Offenbach am Main – More info
USA Premiere 12th of November 2019 by Matti Pulkki, New York – More info
Kiia-Maria Piispa at Sibafest 1st of February 2020, Helsinki Music Centre – More info
Obligatory piece at International Accordion Competition Kingenthal 10th of May 2023 – More info
Bosnia and Herzegovina Premiere at Coupe Mondiale 6th and 8th of September 2023 – More info
Czech Republic Premiere 28th of September 2023 – More info
Belgian Premiere 21st of April 2024 – More info
Hannover University of Music, Theatre and Media 28th of April 2024 – More info

Munich 3rd of May 2024 – More info
International Accordion Competition in Pula 9th of May 2024 – More info