Cecilia Damström: Permafrost, soloist Sonja Vertainen, the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra conducted by Jan Söderblom – Listen on Yle Areena. Available until 1.6.2024.
Cecilia Damström: Wasteland, Tampere Philharmonic conducted by Olari Elts – Listen on Yle Areena
Cecilia Damström: Extinctions, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Chloé Dufresne – Watch on Yle Areena
Cecilia Damström: ICE, Sinfonia Lahti conducted by Dalia Stasevska –  Listen on Youtube

Cecilia Damström: Cura, by Pekka Kuusisto and Joonas Ahonen –  Listen on Spotify

Requiem for our Earth 2019 (for female choir, electornics and video projection) Op.65 (30 min) –  Listen on Youtube

Nixus 2020 (symphony orchestra) Op.75 (10 min) –  Listen on SoundCloud

Letters 2018 (string quartet) Op.61 (15 min) –  Listen on Youtube

Tundo 2016/2018 (symphony orchestra) Op.49 (11 min) –  Listen on SoundCloud

Djurens Planet 2018 (school opera) Op.62 (40 min) –  Listen on Youtube

Aino – Emotions from the Life of Aino Sibelius: IV Rautaa (Iron) 2018 (Pierrot ensemble) Op.60 (23 min) –  Listen on SoundCloud

Epitaph 2018 (piano) Op.58 (5 min) –  Listen on Spotify

Shapes 2016 (accordion) Op.46 (16 min) –  Listen on Youtube

Tidens ordning 2017 (bass-baritone and piano, text: Oscar Rossi) Op.55 (8 min) –  Listen on Yle Areena

Infirmus 2015 (string orchestra) Op.40 (7 min) –  Listen on SoundCloud

Sydänlaulu 2014 (violin/viola) Op.32 (6 min) –  Listen on SoundCloud

Characters 2015 (piano) Op.37 (6 min) –  Listen on SoundCloud

Loco 2010 (viola) Op.17 (5 min) –  Listen on SoundCloud

 Listen on Youtube


 Listen on SoundCloud (orchestra version)

Dagbok 2011 (soprano and orchestra or piano, text: C.Damström) Op.21 (10 min)

Via Crucis 2012-2014 (string quartet) Op.34 (22 min) –  Listen on Youtube

Min Gud 2010 (women’s choir SSSSAAAA or mixed choir SSSAAATTBB, text: Psalm 22) Op.16 (11 min) –  Listen on SoundCloud

Psychedelic (piano solo 11 min) –  Listen on Open Spotify