Renewables – World Premiere

Start date: April 21, 2023
End date: April 23, 2023
All-day event
Location: Karjala-talo, Käpylänkuja 1, Helsinki

The new suite Renewables for solo accordion consists of eight movements, which are all obligatory pieces in the 50th anniversary accordion competition Minä soitan harmonikkaa (“I play accordion”) organised by The Finnish Association for Accordion Teachers. The piece was commissioned by The Finnish Association for Accordion Teachers for the 50th anniversary year of the competition.

The competition has three age categories, C for musicians who are 10-11 year old, B for 12-13 year old players and A for 14-16 year old accordionists. Renewables consists of 8 pieces of which the first three are suitable for category C, pieces 4-6 are suitable for category B and the last two pieces are for category A. Renewables is also composed so that it can be performed as a suite with eight movements. The different movements will be premiered seperately by a total of 58 participants at the MSH 50th Accordion Competition. Find the competition program here.