Happy Day of Equality!

Happy Minna Canth Day – Day of Equality!

What a wonderful week it has been, in the former home town of Minna Canth – Kuopio – working together with the fantastic Maria Itkonen and Kuopio Symphony Orchestra! The ice was thick enough to walk (or skate!) on, the sun was always shining, the people were amazing, the concert outstanding and the concert review raving! 🤩

“Damström’s wonderful musical language is impressive.Cecilia Damström’s piece Lucrum now fits our time a little too well. The Helsingborg Orchestra commissioned the work from Damström to their theme “The Seven Deadly Sins,” and greed is now the sin that attacks our eyes and ears from the media every day.

Damström works with the subject musically superbly through elements of growth, continuously adding more and more through demanding musical structures. A magnificent work from one of our leading composers of the new generation. Itkonen managed to bring out fantastic effects out of the orchestra.”

Jussi Mattila for Savon Sanomat 19.3.2022