Commissioner Mänttä Music Festival 2024
Opus Number 88
Category Solo
Year 2024
Duration 6 min
Orchestration Exempel6
Publisher Gehrmans Musikförlag

Program note

For this new solo piano piece inspired by water, I chose the Latin word “unda” as its title, which means wave, ripple, water, or stream. “Unda” tells the story of what has happened to many freshwater bodies over the past 100 years: many pure freshwater bodies have been polluted by dioxin and later restored to their original state with much effort. In this piece, I describe the two chemical formulas: first, water (H₂O) represented by the notes B, B, and F# (the German notation for B natural is H), and then the intruder, dioxin (C4H4O2), represented by the chord B-C-F#-B-C in both hands. The dioxin travels through all registers and is eventually slowly filtered out until we return to the pure state of water.

The piece was commissioned by the Mänttä Music Festival and will be premiered by the artistic director pianist Niklas Pokki.



2024 July 28th World Premiere at Mänttä Music Festival by Niklas PokkiMore info