Commissioned Stift Festival 2018
Publisher Gehrmans Musikförlag
Opus Number 61
Category Chamber Music
Year 2018
Duration 15 min
Instrumentation  violin, violin, viola, cello


Program note

My second string quartet “Letters” op.61 is a commission by Daniel Rowland and the Stift Festival 2018 in the Netherlands, and it is dedicated to the Brodsky Quartet. The theme for the Stift Festival of 2018 is words and letters and I was asked if I could compose something on this theme. I got to know that Janacek’s second string quartet “Intimate Letters” was going to be played by the Brodsky Quartet in one concert, so I decided to explore the possibility of writing a commentary piece to his quartet and his letters. My second string quartet “Letters” is inspired by the letters Leos Janacek wrote to his beloved Kamila. I have tried to describe the emotions and words he puts in to his letters; heaven, hope, fear, fire and much more, with my own music.




Letters –  Listen on Youtube



Damström succeeds in a creative way to combine the string quartet with the melodrama. In her customary fruitful manner, Damström contrasts expressive and meditative elements and enriches the tonal fundament with various textures of a more modernistic nature in a personal way.   — Above all, the far from easily played music by Damström, with its skillfully interwoven Janácek quotations, made a vivid impression in the sometimes gaudy changes between delicately vibrating and fiercely cutting passages.

Mats Liljeroos, Hufvudstadsbladet 17 June 2019

The Elia Quartet’s highly intense interpretation of the music, filled with many surprises and technical challenges, was so fulfilling it left no left nothing to be desired. The nearly impossible increase in tremendous expressiveness was ultimately achieved with “Letters” by the contemporary Finnish composer Cecilia Damström. Her composition, created in 2018, directly references Janácek’s “Intimate Letters” and wraps certain motifs from with a modern sonority. Very surprising and effective were melodramatically incorporated quotations from Janácek’s letters in German translation.

Rainer Böttcher, Waldeckische Landeszeitung 6 September 2023


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