Commissioned Akademiska sångföreningen (The Academic Male Voice Choir of Helsinki)
Opus 76
Category Choir (male choir)
Year 2020
Duration 15 min
Orchestration Male Choir TTTTBBBB, mouth harmonic and foghorn
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Program note

I remember watching TV-programmes in my childhood about wave energy as a potential energy source in the future. So when I was commissioned to compose about renewable energy resources, I was sure that wave energy would have been standardized in the last 20 years. In this work “Hav” I have tried to explore why this hasn’t yet happened. The work also emphasizes that oceans have magnificent ecosystems and at the same time they are incredible potential resources of energy. Are we able to obtain the potential energy in a balanced harmony with the ecosystems? And what would happen if we were to invest as much in renewable energy as in nuclear power?



7th of May 2022 World premiere at Kattilahalli, Helsinki by Akademen (The Academic Male Voice Choir of Helsinki) conducted by Elisa Huovinen – More info