Composed for Sara Hildén Art Museum
Opus Number 27
Category Chamber Music
Year 2012
Duration 10
Instrumentation clarinet, cello, accordion
Availability From the composer

Program note

Expressionen, a suite of miniatures for clarinet, cello and accordion, had its origin in the autumn of 2012 through a co-operation project with the Sara Hildén Art Museum. It was premiered on the 25th of November 2012 by Samuli Turunen on clarinet, Tuula Tikkala on cello and Pasi Raukola on accordion. It was performed at the event “To be heard from the picture” arranged by the art museum, where also the composer Jouni Kaikapinen, the artist Lars Holmström and the art collector Vexi Salmela discussed the connections between visual arts and music.

At once after hearing about the project in September 2012, I went to the Sara Hildén Art Museum to se the expressionistic exhibition, to which we were asked to compose music. The names of my miniatures are the same as the names of the pictures, which inspired me to compose them. It was a funny coincidence that the nine pictures that inspired me were all painted by different artists. I wanted to get as many combinations as possible from the trio I had chosen, so that is why I chose to write nine miniatures, for an as symmetric result as possible (three solo pieces, three duo pieces and three trios).

Expressionen is a stylistic exercise in expressionism, that is why I have tried to compose the suite in the style of the early twentieth century. The pieces don’t strive for systematic atonalism (like Schönberg with his 12-tone rows), but still strive away from tonality. From the interval structure you can find a lot of symmetry, but the most important element in the pieces is their character; I have tried to create with every piece a atmosphere authentic to the one in the original picture.

Cecilia Damström – Tampere 25th April 2013 

I. Der Sechste Tag (Heinrich Campendonk) (clarinet, cello and accordion)
II. Einsamkeit (Alexej von Jawlensky) (cello)
III. Aquarelle (Wassily Kandinsky) (clarinet and accordion)
IV. Russisches Dorf (Karl Schmidt-Rottluff) (cello and accordion)
V. Heißer Wind (Emil Nolde) (clarinet, cello and accordion)
VI. Der Irre (Erich Heckel) (clarinet)
VII. Mädchen auf Fehrmarn (Ernst Ludwig Kirchner) (clarinet and cello)
VIII. Die Türme aus Soest (Christian Rohlfs) (accordion)
IX. Drei Katzen (Franz Marc) (clarinet, cello and accordion)

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2012 November 25th World Premiere at Sara Hildén Art Museum

2014 February 26th Helsinki Premiere at the Korvat Auki Concert – More info

2015 August 22nd at the Tampering Festival More info

2022 October 2nd German premiere by Trio Klangspectrum at  Hörfest Neue MusikMore info