Dedicated  To my father
Publisher Finlands Svenska Damkörsförbund
Category Choral music – Women’s Voice – SSA
Year 2013
Duration 3 min
Opus number 28
Text Federico Garía Lorca

Program note

“Estampas del mar” is quite of five poems by the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, of which I have composed three into this suite for female choir. I found the poems in a collection of his poems, a book gifted by my mother in 2012. Lorca´s poems have the inexplicable quality I love, they already feel like music and make sense to me, in a way that the translations simply don’t. These songs are dedicated to my father, who always has lived close by the sea.



2015 August 22 – World premiere by Lauluyhtye Fiori at the Tampering Festival

2022 June 17 – Swiss premiere by capriccio vocale conducted byDavide Fior at Gnadenthal, Switzerland – More info
2022 June 19 –  capriccio vocale conducted by Davide Fior at Biasca, Switzerland – More info

2023 April 29 – Filianna led by Sabrina Ljungberg at the Sibelius Hall, Lahti  – More info