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Opus Number 37
Year 2015
Category Solo
Duration 6 min.
Instrumentation piano (and soon accordion)
Availability Music Finland and online
Movements See below (11 miniatures)

Program note

These eleven miniatures for piano solo are all inspired by my classmates in high school. They were composed in spring 2015 and premiered by Linn Bertland at Malmö Academy of Music on the 7th of May 2015. The last miniature (The Stressed Artist) is a self portrait of me at the age of 17. Have fun imagining all the characters!

Characters Op.37

1. The Comfortable One
2. The One Who Always Has An Opionion 3. The Calm Girl from the Countryside 4. The Polite but Crazy Guy
5. The One Who Never Sits Still
6. The One with an Eating Disorder
7. The Intrigue Maker
8. The Queen and Mother of the Herd
9. The Joker
10. The Dreamer
11. The Stressed Artist



Characters (for piano) –  Listen on Soundcloud



2015 May 7th Linn Bertland playing the world premiere at Malmö Academy of Music

2015 May 13th me performing the Finnish premiere at Korvat Auki Concert in Helsinki

2015 August me performing at Tampering Festival in Tampere

2017 April 11th me performing at Tampere  – More info

2017 April 19th me performing at my Bachelor Recital in Tampere – More info

2021 August 4th Vilina Rainisto at Mänttä Music Festival – More info

2022 May 6th me performing at Steiner Alumni Event – More info

2022 November 17th Xenia Frederiksen playing the Danish premiere at Viborg Musikforening – More info

2022 December 1st Xenia Frederiksen at Roskilde Musikforening – More info