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Commissioned Musequal Festival (Kokonainen)
Opus number 47
Category Chamber Music
Year 2016
Duration 14
Orchestration violin & viola
Availability Music Finland

Program note

Celestial Beings was commissioned by the first Musequal Festival organised in 2016 for the two founders: Linda Suolahti and Mari Viluksela, a duo for violin and viola. The name of the piece is “Celestial Beings” and the movements are named after the greek goddesses, by which they were inspired: I.Aphrodite II.Persephone III.Athena.




Damström’s Celestial Beings (2016) for violin and viola presents the listener with scintillating sonic threads, some played on strings, others hummed and whistled, yielding to the most refined aural experience.

Jari Juhani Kallio, Finnish Music Quarterly 25.5.2022



27th of August 2016 World premiere at Hämeenlinna City Hall by Linda Suolahti and Mari Viluksela at the Musequal FestivalMore info

CANCELLED – 6 of December 2020 at Janakkala Church – More info

21st of May 2022 at Janakkala Church by Linda Suolahti and Mari Viluksela at the Musequal Festival- More info

23rd of November 2022 at the Schauman Hall at the RUSK festivalMore info

25th of November at Jakobstad’s Museum at the RUSK festivalMore info