Commissioned CelloFest 2023
Publisher Gehrmans Musikförlag
Category Cello solo
Year 2022
Duration 5 min
Opus Number 82
Dedication To everyone suffering from Long Covid

Program note

The Latin word aveo can mean both farewell and to long for. This piece was written in 2022 and is composed for everyone suffering from Long Covid, currently an estimate of more than 65 million people worldwide, some of which have had to say farewell to a normal life and all of which are longing for science to find a cure. In this piece we can hear tinnitus, how the disease spreads through the body like an aggressive outer power, heart arrhythmia and frustration as well as a longing for a solution. The piece is commissioned by CelloFest and exquisitely composed for the cello virtuoso Jonathan Roozeman, who will play the world premiere of the piece at the CelloFest Opening Gala 1.2.2023.


Cecilia Damström’s Aveo is an intense five-minute work for solo cello, where fast virtuoso passages, peppery rhythmics and eerily beautiful tones alternate. The world premiere was excellent, as could be expected of Jonathan Roozeman.

Vesa Sirén, Helsingin Sanomat 2.2.2023



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