Prize Linköping Studentsångare Composition Award 2016
Opus Number 44
Category Choir (male choir)
Year 2016
Duration 5
Orchestration TTTTBBBB
Publisher Bo Ejeby Förlag



I. At Sea
In the pull of the wind I stand, lonely,
On the deck of a ship, rising, falling,
Wild night around me, wild water under me,
Whipped by the storm, screaming and calling.

Earth is hostile and the sea hostile,
Why do I look for a place to rest?
I must fight always and die fighting
With fear an unhealing wound in my breast.

II. At Night
Love said, “Wake still and think of me,
“Sleep, “Close your eyes till break of day,”
But Dreams came by and smilingly
Gave both to Love and Sleep their way.

III. At Midnight
Now at last I have come to see what life is,
Nothing is ever ended, everything only begun,
And the brave victories that seem so splendid
Are never really won.

Even love that I built my spirit’s house for,
Comes like a brooding and a baffled guest,
And music and men’s praise and even laughter
Are not so good as rest.

Lyrics by Sara Teasdale

At Teasdale’s –  Listen on Youtube



Dessutom blev det Finlandspremiär på Cecilia Damströms At Teasdale’s, ett välklingande verk.

Tove Djupsjöbacka, Hufvudstadsbladet 15.4.2018



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